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Change is the very essence of life. With every passing second the world changes. We innately move forward along the axis of time. It remains in our hands to embrace the nouvelle and help engineer the vicissitude. It is this flexibility to change with the ability to re-design our world to suit the time which fosters progress and growth. The perils of stagnation and a one thought-mind are many, as the saying goes: A rolling-stone gathers no moss.

As the wheel of technology rotates, AXIS aims to act as a medium for those who wish to pioneer a revolution. A revolution against any idea or any methodology which has become redundant and needs to be re-innovated; AXIS aims to serve as a platform for those who wish to bring about a change, to help students contribute in this technical advancement.

AXIS was initially conceived under the name Odyssey, in the year 2000. And over the time, it has grown in leaps-and-bounds. From a small inter-college exposition to a national level festival, in over the span of 13 years, AXIS has strived to provide the basis for the kindling and the nourishing of ideas.

So, folks behold, there is a revolution brewing at the heart of the country, an upheaval of the old unessential, an uprising of the new, and you are invited to be a part of it.